A fitness workout that incorporates Pilates, Boxing & Dance

PILOXING® is a women-owned global fitness company based in Los Angeles, USA. Founded by former professional dancer and Pilates Master Viveca Jensen in 2009. Adding variety to your workouts is vital to prevent plateauing and keep things interesting. The best activities combine styles for robust training, and PILOXING offers just that in their group fitness classes. PILOXING classes were developed by combining classic exercise techniques’ fun and challenging elements into one class.

There are five PILOXING programs: SSP, Barre, The MIX, Knockout and Booty. Let’s explore each program in more detail.


PILOXING® SSP saw the need for a workout that combined the best of Pilates, boxing, and dance. Uniquely blending two of the industry’s most influential and timeless disciplines into this high-energy interval workout. This format is fun, effective and accessible to everyone.

I people get moving and sweating with this unique fusion format, they will see results. And not just physical results – PILOXING® SSP helps you to feel strong, confident and empowered. A great way to improve flexibility while testing your endurance and burning calories.



PILOXING® Barre utilises the same powerful fundamental disciplines, namely Pilates and Boxing, as PILOXING®. However, in this game-changing program, PILOXING® goes to the BARRE. 

In this program, you use a ballet barre for stability and resistance to lengthen your muscles and box your heart out. Happy joints, strong muscles, and a healthy heart!


They call it dancing; we call it living! THE MIX by PILOXING® is inspired by commercial dance from the dance mecca of Los Angeles. This all-new program will have you addicted from the first beat. Lose yourself in today’s music hits and iconic throwbacks while learning the most current grooves from LA’s dance scene.

THE MIX by PILOXING® is for all fitness levels, ages and backgrounds. We want you to move that body like no one is watching, move with the frequency and play with the tracks. The world is your stage. So get in THE MIX by PILOXING®.



PILOXING® Knockout is 30 minutes of plyometrics (using your body as weight and springboard), conditioning drills, and functional training. You’ll go from floor to standing to the air, and back around again, in a workout that pushes your body to its limits. 

It doesn’t matter if your limits are a little narrow when you start. You’ll increase them drastically over time with this boundary-pushing and results-oriented program. The challenging workout meets you where you are and takes you where you want to go, bringing you some sore but powerful muscles along the way.


PILOXING® Booty is a concentrated workout focused on developing and toning your glutes to stabilise and strengthen your body. Always endeavouring to empower women, this new posterior program is no exception. With a focus shift from cardio to targeted muscle work, PILOXING® Booty celebrates the female body by lifting, strengthening and defining that backside. 

This stand-alone group fitness program is a 30-minute, song-based, pre-choreographed workout with solo/partner exercise ‘series’. To deepen the burn and build true strength and shape from the inside out.


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