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We created Hadada because we believe that everyone deserves access to quality fitness instruction. Our mission came about in March 2020, a period none of us will forget. A time when our freedom and accessibility to enjoy our regular fitness routine changed. Everyone was confined to their homes, and access to fitness facilities paused even longer.

And that’s when Hadada was created – an online fitness platform offering live group exercise classes. It didn’t matter where you lived or if your budget allowed you to participate in a class. During COVID, our instructors even offered free classes to members to help with their physical and mental well-being. From the first online class, the Hadada community was born, and our mission became even more apparent.

Hadada is celebrating more than two years online

We know that there are many barriers to entry when it comes to finding a good fitness class, and we wanted to make the process as easy and accessible as possible. Over the past two years, we’ve learned a lot, received your feedback and found solutions to implement to break those barriers. In a nutshell, you can look at our page How it Works to see how easy it is to find and join your next live online class. 

Hadada created a community for you

Think about it for a second, why do you REALLY love group exercise classes? Is it because of the instructor? Or “sub-consciously” competing with the person next to you? Or is it just all of it, grouped together in a feeling of euphoria? Yes – for some, we call it our second family. Suffering through burpees together, shaking our hips to the beat or becoming one breath in a tranquil yoga class.

We wanted to create a community of like-minded individuals who could support and motivate each other on their fitness journeys. We believe that fitness should be fun, social, and inclusive, and we hope our platform will help people find their perfect workout buddies!

Get rewarded with Hadada's new features

Hadada has released new features to make your booking experience even more accessible. No more need to pay with your credit card for every class. From June 2022, class bookings are paid with Credits. You can load any amount of Credits from the Store on your profile. This also allows you to make multiple bookings without going through the entire checkout process. Quicker, easier and more convenient.

Did I just receive a badge and points for attending a class? Yes, you did! We’ve introduced a gamification reward system to encourage you to earn all 12 badges and ranks. In addition, each level unlocks Gems you can spend to unlock additional items, such as a Yoga Mat or a Water Bottle. As time progress, we’ll add more elements to track your progress and fitness journey, something everyone can enjoy.

Hadada is more than just a convenient online fitness platform

We hope you enjoyed our feedback on the latest developments on the platform. On a personal note, letting your baby go into the world is always hard, but I think I’m ready to showcase Hadada to the world now. We’re excited and looking forward to seeing you in our next class.

Do you have some questions?

What are live online fitness classes?

Live online fitness classes are group exercise classes taught by a certified instructor in real-time. That means you experience a live workout streamed to your connected device. If you choose to have your web camera on during the class, the instructor can see you and provide you with valuable feedback. This will improve your technique and form during the class, improving your workout’s effectiveness.

Are online workout programs as effective as in-person classes?

With the rise of fitness trackers, wearable technology, and streaming services, working out at home has become more popular than ever. But is it as effective as sweating it out in an in-person live class at a fitness studio?

The jury is still out on whether online or in-person workouts are better for your health. Some experts say that there are benefits to both types of workouts. For example, online workouts may be more convenient and affordable, while in-person classes can give you the motivation to push yourself harder.

Ultimately, the best workout is the one that you’ll actually do. If an online program fits your lifestyle better, then it’s probably more effective for you than an in-person live class would be.

How does an online fitness class work?

There is little difference between an in-person and a live online fitness class. The main difference is how you participate in the class (joining online using your computer or mobile device). All group exercise classes are led by certified instructors. The instructor will lead the workout throughout the class through a series of exercises. Then, the instructor will explain what to do and when to do it. Follow their lead, and you will get a great workout!

What types of workouts are available as live stream or on-demand?

Zumba, yoga, Pilates and PILOXING are popular options for online workouts. Both can be done in the comfort of your own home and don’t require any special equipment. Dance workouts are also a great option for getting your heart rate up and breaking a sweat.

If you’re looking for something a little more intense, HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts are also available online. These workouts usually involve short bursts of activity followed by periods of rest, and they can be done with or without equipment. You can expect an excellent workout from the fitness program STRONG Nation.

What other benefits are there of taking a live online fitness class?

There are many benefits of taking a live online fitness class. For one, you can get a great workout without leaving your house. You can also choose a time that works for you since most classes are offered at different times throughout the day. Additionally, online fitness classes often have smaller class sizes than in-person classes, so you can get more personal attention from the instructor. Finally, online fitness classes are often less expensive than in-person classes without compromising the quality or effectiveness of your workout.

How much does a live online fitness class cost?

On the Hadada platform, the instructors set their class prices. The price is determined by the type of fitness program, the instructor’s experience and qualifications. For example, South Africa’s entry-level price range for a regular aerobic live online class is about R50 ($3). Premium classes and experienced instructors can ask up to R120-R150 ($7-$9) per class. In comparison, an in-person class is about 30-50% more expensive due to additional expenses an instructor incurs, such as rental fees and travel costs.

What equipment does one need to participate in a live online fitness class?

To participate in a live online fitness class, you need a computer or mobile device with internet access and a web browser. If you don’t want to disturb your neighbours, a wireless headset works wonders, although your device’s speakers are perfect too. If you want the instructor to see you, your connected device requires a web camera. In addition, always make sure you stay hydrated.

As many participants don’t invest in home fitness equipment, all the classes can be done without specialised equipment. Your instructor might suggest substituting equipment with everyday household items (yes, they are creative too). We encourage you to consider getting these items: a yoga mat, a sweat towel and a good pair of trainers that provides good support.

What about Loadshedding?!

All of us are joining online from literally around the world. If you’re unfamiliar with our famous Loadshedding term in South Africa. It’s when our country’s power utility switches off your power due to a shortage of supply. During times of Loadshedding, if you are affected in your area, you can reschedule your class to any future date. Most of our instructors have backup power, and classes are rarely cancelled. However, you will be refunded if a class is cancelled, or a recording will be made available when you click to join the class. We try our best to keep you informed (either via a notice on the website or email) during these times.

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