Hadada Virtual Friend

Hi there Trainer!

I'm Virya, your training companion!
I will help you on your quest to become the "Greatest Trainer of Them All".

Hadada Journey Map Start


Virya is your virtual travel companion. She will track the progress of your fitness journey.

1st Class Badge


Complete activities to collect energy points. Energy points are required to advance to the next level.

Hadada Virtual Friend Gems


Earn rewards with your progress. Use your Gems to unlock new items at the Trainer Hub.

Fitness Journey

Welcome to the Hadada world!

A world filled with Trainers like you.

Many years ago, the Wise discovered that being physically healthy and feeling happy boosts a person’s quality of life. They called it Wellness. And so, the Journey was created based on these concepts. Your journey is defined by your wellness and, as such, every Trainer’s journey is unique and personal.

In your journey you choose your own adventure, go on quests, meet other trainers, and even explore new fitness programs. Your progress is measured by the amount of Energy Points you gather.

Fitness App Worldwide


This world is full of Energy. You can collect this Energy through physical activities such as participating in Group Exercise classes. Group Exercise classes are led by certified and skilled Instructors. As your workout is proven to be more effective, this is the most rewarding method to harness energy.

To become the greatest trainer of them all, a greater understanding of your well-being is required. Knowledge is power! By training your mind and learning new skills you absorb this enlighten energy.

Once you have collected enough energy, you are ready to be trained by the Gym Master Trainer. The Master Trainer guide you by challenging your energy to enhance your skills and empower your wellness. When your training is complete, you’ll receive a new Trainer Title and Badge. You’ll also receive Gems and sometimes goodies from the Master Trainer to help you on your fitness journey.

Hadada Virtual Friend Gems


The Trainer Hub is the place where you can unlock new fitness gear and accessories. You can use your Gems to unlock these items. Luckily you have a cool Hadada Gym Bag to put in all your goodies. These items will also help on your fitness journey and quests.